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It all started one heated summer night when founder, Dhalton Horsman’s, previous band parted ways right before a hometown gig in Nashville, TN. Only lead guitar player, Teddy Nabozny remained. Teddy and Dhalton have built a relationship that only two lead guitar players could.  That's right this band has two lead guitarists driving a wall of sound that’ll get you up and dancing..if it doesn’t knock you off your feet first.

Horsman met Sam Daly of the psych band Zip-Zapp on tour and Ben Garner through the Nashville scene. After jamming a few times it only felt right for them to complete the blues-rock outfit. Daly’s addition brought a fresh wave of psychedelic and heavy-hitting influences to the Tribe shoreline as well as his incredible work as a Graphic Artist that has given the band groovy posters, merch designs, and their logo. With over a decade's worth of playing under their belts, they quickly began making a noise and a name for themselves all over Nashville.

Since forming in 2021, Tribe has worked tirelessly to build a rude and raucous sound that compliments their on-stage swagger and showmanship beautifully. On their debut album, Horsman pays tribute to his Native American roots on 'Stomp Song', adding another layer to this band's vivacious sound. A Tribe of Horsman released their debut album On the Way, in April 2022, closely followed up by a live recording of the album release show, Live at The 5 Spot in October, 2o22. Both are available in their online shop and on all streaming services now. 


You’ll instantly recognize them from their attire & tones - this band won’t be forgotten easily. They’re just getting started and they want you along for the ride.

Dhalton Horsman / Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Teddy Nabozny / Slide & Lead Guitar

Sam Daly / Drums

Ben Garner / Bass 

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